worker / 2020

How does a work of art come to be? How much time does it take? How much effort do you put in? How do people perceive the work you put in? Egg, the symbol of birth, new life, creation of the universe, with its naturally perfect shape represents the beginning. Of art. Of ideas. Of life. Of you. Of me. The artist presents meditative actions of casting plaster eggs and builds a large installation that is almost recursive as the eggs multiply and fill the area around him. He gives them an insight into the artistic process, the obsessiveness, excitement, and hard work. The performance is envisioned as a durational happening where the artist patiently makes the eggs throughout the day and finishes by the end of the evening when the installation is finished.

duration / 10 hours
performer / Josip Kresović
photography and video / Vedran Husremović