roller / 2021

Our emotional traumas are stored in our limbic system on a sensory level (auditory, fragrant, visual…). The multimedia structure of the work, its content and visuals encompass the performative part of the work by depicting a complex dynamic of a family of four, in which each member deals with the requirements of the environment in their own way. The author covers the space with a paper covered in traces of roller stamp, otherwise used to cover personal data on documents of a sensitive nature. Undoing the original purpose of the stamp – to cover sensitive information on private documents – alludes to a meaningless search for oneself by analyzing patterns of family dynamic that provides instrumental, but not emotional support during a painful period of growing up.

duration / 1 hour
performer / Josip Kresović
photography / Vedran Husremović; Adrijana Vidić
video / Vedran Husremović