resuscitation / 2018

uncritical and unknowable integration of surrounding characteristics and their adoption is called introjection. behaviour that result of such adoption is not our own. our body usually reacts and  resists introjects in different ways singnaling it is time for a change and the need for conscious decision-making. the result is authenticity. the video demonstrates introjection and its resolve on different levels. the breathing mask represents introjection, someone else breathing for us instead of us breathing on our own. the body resists and stops the oxygen flow (right arm), change and conscious decision-making occurs (left arm). now we breathe on our own. besides the general struggle with introjects, the video also talks about the aspiration of life of artistic expression (symbolics of the left hand whose movements are controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain which is responsible for visual processing, creativity and imagination).

duration / 2 minutes and 31 seconds

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