PERFORMANCE & INSTALLATION / SUN WORKER / Croatian Museum of Naive Art / May 18th & 19th 2023, 9AM-5PM, Zagreb, Croatia

OPENING NIGHT / PRAKSA / exhibition / Croatian Association of Visual Artists / March 21st 2023, Varaždin, Croatia

OPENING NIGHT / PRAKSA / exhibition / CULTURE CENTER MICEK / September 26th 2022, Zagreb, Croatia

OPENING NIGHT / ČOVIK, PEKA and OŽEG / exhibition / PLEJS PLATFORM / April 1st 2022, Zagreb, Croatia

OPENING NIGHT / A ROGUE PHI / collaboration with Iva Korenčić, Lana Đurđek, Nina Maštruko and collective Studio Rozi / mixed media installation / March 25th 2022, 7PM at Garaža Kamba (Ilica 73, Zagreb)

NA RUBU / choreography – Nataša Kustura, performers – Maja Petani & Josip Kresović / January 2022, Zagreb, Croatia

ROLLER / exhibition & performance / Monoplay Festival / August 24-27, Zadar, Croatia

art talk with Josip Kresović moderated by Helena Kušenić on an online platform Art Ćakula / Sunday March 7th 2021, 6:30 PM / Zoom

(un) finished, 2020.  – a limited edition DIY art book made in 25 copies. it contains a selected body of works, sketches and research from the past couple of years. presented as a collection of perforated posters, each piece depicts either a finished work, works in progress, rejected works or works yet to be materialized. this way, the reader (or rather the viewer) experiences not only the finished work, but the process behind it. contact for more info!

design and assembly / Josip Kresović
print / print shop Bijeli Čarobnjak
photography / Vedran Husremović 

group show 18. Festival prvih / Događanja Gallery, KNAP / November 3-7nd 2020 / Zagreb, Croatia 

selected works from workshop OSVAJANJE PROSTORA led by Katja Grcić and Nikolina Rafaj held in October 2020.

group show ANTISALON 2020 / Galerija Siva, AKC Attack / October, 21-22nd 2020 / 8 pm / Zagreb, Croatia

solo show / installation METAPROJECTION / @garaža KAMBA / Ilica 37 / October, 15th / 8 pm / Zagreb, Croatia

Monoplay Festival 2020 / August 25th, 2020 (8am-1pm; 5pm-10pm) at the Puppet Theatre Zadar – Croatia / Durational performance WORKER will take place as a part of a performance tryptich AB OVO followed by KLOWN, performed by Matea Bilosnić Meteo and HOST performed by Patricia Gospić Patrixia. The performance examines the symbolism and the transformative power of an egg in three different visions.

author and performer of WORKER / Naonar
photo / Vedran Husremović
visual design / Naonar
production / Meteo and Monoplay Festival

The performance is going to be held outside and the audience is invited to come and go as they please with the current epidemiological guidelines in mind due to COVID-19.

PREMIERE ON February 12th, 2020 at Theatre &TD, Zagreb – Croatia / Collaborative direction, set design & costume in a play BISTE LI PRISTALI NA SMRT along with choreographer Matea Bilosnić and dramaturg Vedran Husremović / MORE INFO