metaprojection / 2020

“…a fictive mental space in which each observer finds parts of his own psyche. The sandy ground of the exhibition space combined with the sounds of the desert wind symbolize the devastation of the spirit and the gradual loss of contact with reality thus creating a materialized form of the inner psychological state of the individual. Metaprojections are made possible by three overhead projectors that, like desert machines, project pronouns on the walls that are often used to condemn and dehumanize others, and point to a lack of compassion and understanding. Optical projection devices were chosen because of their connection with childhood and their importance in the education of previous generations, but also because of their primitive technology with which the artist ironically refers to the stubborn and unconscious use of the previously mentioned defense mechanisms. Through the prints in the sand, each observer becomes an active participant in the installation, interacting with the artwork and others simultaneously becoming aware of the emotional triggers hidden deep in their own subconscious.” – Sara Mikelić

photos / Vedran Husremović