kineto / 2019

28 fluorescent tubes in 4 compositions created for Monoplay Contemporary Dance Festival / Monoaza in August, 2019. St. Dominic Church / Poljana Branka Stojakovića / Zadar /

how to leave a visual trace in an art form based on body movement? Can you make a choreographic visual archive? Can sketchbooks of choreographic ideas resemble those of painters or graphic artists? In 1920s Rudolf Laban developes a notation system to describe movements of the body in the context of space, known as labanotation. This way, dance, the art of movement, is given a visual depiction of what the dancer performs. Every movement, a whole choreography can be archived like music notation. Using fluorescent tube lights, a stylized composition of basic body positions is constructed in terms of direction of movement (place, left, right, forward, backward…). This spatially graphic depiction is the base for implementing the labanotation theory. If you manage to catch a dancer next to you, be sure to ask them to demonstrate some of the depicted symbols /

photographs Ivica Ivčević / Matea Bilosnić

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