invisible child makes a photo album / 2019

the piece explores the concept of fragments through 27 palm casts with polyvinyl-acetate glue whose number corresponds to the artist’s age. they are viewed here as a series of identity compositions that, once placed, are overlapping continuously. casts are placed inside the photo album as part of a larger composition, where the photo album here has the role of a ID catalogue, alluding the process of identifying a person through fingerprints and photos. the piece also includes a wooden children’s chair and a table on which the photo album is placed. using repurposed readymade objects, which have their own history, the composition itself deals with identity. the idea is to challenge the viewer to the process of regression by crouching to a child’s height, thus invoking the period in our lives where the search for identity begins. the invisible child, me, you, complement our identity with influences from the environment waiting for its formation. the photo album is incomplete, waiting for new identity compositions as time goes by.

photos / Luka Pešun