contact / 2019

physical interaction activates the work in a way that body resistance, and magnets, make the two-piece construction become one, creating an intimate barrier between two people and their busy surroundings. the square shape of the construction frames the face on the inside, while its edges form an invisible point that cuts between the eyes of each face, thus introducing the purpose of the work, eye contact. alluding to the moments of intensely intimate eye contact, other senses remain unnecessary. the action of gazing becomes so intense and sufficient even without touch, scent or words. the intensity of the perceived eye contact differs depending on the person activating the work. some find it unbearable, others revealing /

photos and GIF-s / Renata Lučić and Filip Filković

activation / Adrian Pezdirc, Marta Radman, Filip Filković, Antea Piplica and Josip Kresović